Concise Writing

Plan your documentation strategy and present a document plan to the product design team as soon as possible. Develop your documentation plan with the goal of minimizing support calls. Include a revision management and update strategy in the plan. 

Here are some Concise Writing suggestions for documentation plan topics:

Documentation Objective - Include the objective of the proposed documentation
Product Description - Describe product components.
Deliverables - Describe deliverable formats you will provide reviewers and product packaging personnel
Strategy - Describe how you will develop the content
Development Schedule - Include specific dates for delivering drafts and the final document
Dependencies - Describe the dependencies that will effect your deliverables
Contents - Provide a detailed overview of the planned document content. Include an outline of headings and a description of each chapter
Identify Resources - Identify your resources, including design documents and individual contributors
Reviewer List - List all reviewers

After the plan review process, the plan becomes a product design document and can be used as a guideline for content contributors. 

Note: Although your success may be judged by adherence to this plan, the best method to judge documentation success is to monitor support questions after the product ships.